AES Ohio is proposing the construction of a new 138kV line extension that will tap into existing substations, located in German and Saint Mary’s Townships within Auglaize County, Ohio

The project will consist of the rebuilding of approximately 12.6 miles of the existing 6630 Amsterdam-St. Mary’s and 6665 St. Mary’s-West Moulton 69kV lines, the replacement of the existing transmission line pole structures, and the addition of the new Amsterdam-West Moulton 138kV circuit on these existing segments, resulting in a 69kV / 138kV double-circuit configuration when complete. The rebuilt line will run 12.6 miles generally along County Roads 33A, 61, 53A, and 66A. The project is needed to support overall reliability of the power system in this area under various operational conditions and to reinforce the electrical supply to the Honda Development and Manufacturing of America (HDMA) that has grown significantly since the original interconnection to the power transmission system.

The Amsterdam-West Moulton 138 kV line construction is located generally along County Roads 33A, 61, and 66A, in German and Saint Mary’s Townships, within Auglaize County, Ohio.

Amsterdam-West Moulton 138 kV line construction map

Estimated project schedule

May 2022
  • File Letter of Notification application with Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB)
August 2022
  • OPSB approval

March 2024
  • Construction begins
June 2025
  • Project in-service

During construction, customers should not notice interruption of their electric service. If an outage is required for a short period, the affected customer(s) will be notified before the outage to limit the inconvenience.

Visit the Ohio Siting Board website to view the application and for more information. The Case Number for AES Ohio Amsterdam-West Moulton 138kV Improvements Project is 22-0139-EL-BLN.

To contact AES Ohio about the project or request an electronic copy or hard copy of the application, please leave a message at 937-331-4314 or email You will receive a response within 1-2 business days.