How we restore power to you and your community.

AES Ohio always works to restore your power as quickly and safely as possible. Our power restoration process is designed to address emergency situations first and then to restore power to as many customers as possible. There are emergency situations (for example, downed power lines and fires), as well as first responders and critical services (such as hospitals, fire and police stations) that receive "first priority." Once critical facilities have the power they need to operate, we work to restore large groups of customers first and then address problems at individual homes.

See an example step-by-step process below.

1. A main line from a substation is damaged. The main line must be repaired before service can be restored to the affected customers.

2. Some of the neighborhood has been restored, but other damage exists. The next locations with damage affecting the most customers will be restored.

3. After all other repairs have been made; crews will work on individual locations with damage to their service drop line directly to the home or business. In some cases, the owner may need an electrical contractor to repair damage to the home or business before service can be restored. Learn what damage requires an electrician