Electricity demands a powerful lesson on safety.

To show how dangerous electricity can be, AES Ohio’s "Safety 101" demonstration uses rather shocking illustrations involving utility poles with working wiring, insulators, and transformers — a downsized version of the high-voltage equipment the audience sees every day. The demonstration includes controlled interruptions of the flow of electricity, causing a surge of sparks and pops along with valuable safety tips. The "Safety 101" demonstration is a powerful and effective way to convey the dangers of electricity to various audiences.

AES Ohio’s safety 101 teaches audiences — in a visual, and entertaining way:

  • how electricity is produced, 
  • how to use it safely,
  • the dangers of not using or being near electricity safely, and what can happen if you don’t.

The presentation is led by experienced utility workers in full protective gear, who vividly explain why humans are involuntary conductors of electricity.

The team demonstrates the effects of electricity on inanimate objects like mylar balloons which is an informative way to educate various audiences about the potential dangers of electricity. Throughout each demonstration, the team explains to the audience the interactive elements, encourages asking questions and opportunities for discussion. By combining realistic simulations with informative safety tips, the "Safety 101" demonstration effectively educates audiences about the dangers of electricity and empowers them to take proactive steps to stay safe in their daily lives.

AES Ohio offers Safety 101 at no cost to our communities and is only offered to businesses and organizations located within AES Ohio's service territory.