Understanding your electric bill can help you better manage your energy usage and costs.

Understanding generation prices

Generation is the first stage of getting electricity to your home. Whether from older sources like coal or renewable methods like solar and wind, generated electricity is then transmitted via lines and distributed to your home. AES Ohio, along with other utilities in the state, participate in a market-based auction for generated electricity. An auction is a competitive process for procuring electric generation. The auction is conducted by an independent third party with oversight by the Public Utility Commission of Ohio (PUCO).

How to read your monthly bill

View a diagram and learn more about the different parts of your electric bill.

Ohio electric choice

Electric choice gives you the ability to choose who supplies the generation of your electricity.

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Demand charges

Why is there a demand charge on my bill and how can I reduce it?

Rates & tariffs

Learn about the tariffs that make up your electric bill.

Bill calculators

AES offers tools and information to help you understand how to calculate your bill.

Monthly bill inserts

Throughout the year, AES customers often find inserts in their monthly bills, including information on AES programs, cost-saving tips and safety information.