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    Get ready for winter with an energy-efficient smart thermostat from the AES Ohio Marketplace.

      Accelerating the future
    of energy
    , together  

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    Community Impact Report 2022 (Cover)

    2022 Community impact report

    Shining a light on our commitment to you and our continued commitment to accelerating the future of energy, together.

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    Read the AES Ohio blog

    We've created our blog as another way to connect you with the latest industry news, our work and our people!

    AES Ohio Smart Grid

    Smart Grid is on the way!

    Working with you, we’re improving lives by delivering greener, smarter energy solutions right here in the Miami Valley. By modernizing the energy grid, AES Ohio will improve your experience with a four-year plan that enhances reliability and efficiency while providing personalized seamless service.

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    Understanding generation prices

    Generation is the first stage of getting electricity to your home or business. Whether from older sources like coal or renewable methods like solar and wind, generated electricity is then transmitted via lines and distributed to homes and businesses. AES Ohio, along with other utilities in the state, participates in a market-based auction for generated electricity. An auction is a competitive process for procuring electric generation.

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    Payment assistance

    If you're having trouble paying your bill, one of these assistance programs could help you. 

    Our promise to you

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    We aim to be good neighbors.

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    We don't talk safety. We live it.

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    We are focused on green power

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