Equipment delivery delays

Like many industries experiencing production delays and labor challenges, AES Ohio is also facing delays in the delivery of equipment needed for planned and new construction projects. We are seeing delivery delays for transformers and cables, increasing costs and — probably the most frustrating — is the uncertainty of when equipment will arrive. We are working diligently identifying and implementing plans on scheduled projects with available materials or proper substitutes. Additionally, we are communicating daily with our suppliers for updates on the timing and material deliveries. Rest assured, AES Ohio is equipped for restoration efforts to address outages and large weather events. AES Ohio is committed to reliably serve our customers and support the growing electricity demand for planned and new construction projects. For more information, the Construction Control Center can be reached at 937-331-4860 or 800-424-5578 and by email at

AES Ohio resources for construction at your home or business, such as an addition or new facility.

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Our goal is to work with our customers and their contractors to set expectations and help you receive your electric service where and when you need it. We’ve provided important information to help guide you through AES Ohio’s work process so you can obtain your service in a timely manner.


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