Making energy efficiency a New Year’s resolution

January 9, 2023


As we kick off the New Year, resolutions are always a trending topic. Rather than resolve to eat healthier, get organized or be more patient, our team is making energy efficiency a New Year’s resolution. After all, at AES Ohio, we talk about saving energy and money and helping the environment. I can personally resolve to do that too! We all can!

Our team was asked if we were to make energy efficiency a New Year’s resolution, what would that look like to us? For help deciding what I could do, I went to the authority on energy efficiency – the AES Ohio website. I checked out the energy efficiency tips and, from the 100+ ways to save energy, here are five things I resolve to do this year:

  • Purchase and install a water-saving showerhead. I love long, hot showers, but not the bill those showers generate! With the new showerhead the water pressure should remain the same, so I can enjoy those showers and not worry about the cost.
  • Switch to energy saving light bulbs. Eventually, I will change all my light bulbs to energy saving bulbs, but initially I’ll start by changing them in the rooms I use most often.
  • Use power strips. I will plug electrical devices into power strips so I can turn the power strips on and off and not have them drawing phantom energy from being plugged in.
  • Put up heavy drapes. I will use heavy drapes, like blackout curtains, at night during the winter months.
  • Give up my space heater. This is a big one for me; I start using my space heater as soon as I pull out my fall clothes (in October) and put it away when I store my winter coats (in April)!

Of the 41% of people who make resolutions, only 9% will be successful by the end of the year. I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions, but I am sure I’ll be successful on these resolutions (well, at least on 80% of them – giving up that space heater is going to test my will power!). I’ll find a way, either through a blog or a social media post, to keep you updated (and to keep me accountable and more energy efficient)!

Check back regularly and follow us on social media for new posts throughout the year.

Sherre Wright

Communications Manager, AES Ohio