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    Damage claims

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    Damage claims

    From time to time, forces of nature and other factors can interrupt service and cause damage to a home or business.

    Most commonly, damage is caused by storms, high winds and lightning or equipment failure. In these cases, AES Ohio is not responsible for reimbursing a claim. In many instances, damage is more likely to be covered by a home owner's or business insurance policy or other type of insurance.

    Please note, AES Ohio is not responsible for any damage loss or injury caused by:

    • Accidents
    • Equipment Failure
    • Riots
    • Fires
    • Loss or fluctutation of voltage, including single phasing
    • Breakdowns
    • Short circuits
    • Vandalism
    • Flood
    • Any cause beyond the control of the Company
    • Line failure
    • Explosion
    • Nature (storms, lighting, animals, etc.)
    • Strikes


    AES Ohio is committed to evaluating each claim on a case-by-case basis in a fair and professional manner. Determination of any compensation is based on a review of the facts of the situation and is based on tariffs and guidelines on file with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.

    Continuity of service (Rule No. 17)

    1. The Company will endeavor to supply electricity continuously and without interruption, and under all reasonable and normal conditions of operation to maintain the range of voltage and frequency of electricity supplied. The Company shall not be liable to the Customer or anyone else for any damage, loss or injury or otherwise resulting from any failure to supply electricity, or for any interruption of the supply or for variations in voltage and frequency, phase reversal or single phasing of three phase service, when such failure, interruption or variation is due to any of the following causes: accidents and contingencies, short circuits, line or equipment failure, breakdowns, strikes, fires, floods, riots, cyclones, vandalism, explosion, acts of God or nature, acts or orders of The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, acts or orders of any civil, judicial or military authorities, or any cause beyond the control of the Company.

    2. The Company shall not be liable for any damage or loss which the Customer may sustain due to any interruptions of supply, variations in voltage or frequency, phase reversals or single phasing of three phase service resulting from the use or characteristics of electric equipment and/or appliances of the Customer or other Customers connected to Company facilities.

    How to file a claim

    Please note, if you feel you have suffered a loss related to:

    • Tree trimming: Call 888-582-3213 (AES Ohio does not remove storm debris)
    • Disconnecting/reconnecting service or energy programs: Call customer service at 800-433-8500


    1. Download the claims form below

    The form must be signed by the person filing the claim.

    Access claims form

    2. Return the completed form to AES Ohio

    We offer three options to submit your claims form:

    IMPORTANT: For claims greater than $50, be sure to attach any supporting documents, such as sales receipts, estimates and invoices.

    3. Response

    Upon receipt of your signed claim form, a AES Ohio representative will review the matter. Claims are reviewed in the order in which they are received. At the conclusion of the review, you will be contacted by phone or in writing with the results. If a claim is denied, a reason will be provided.

    customer service agent

    Questions? We're here to help!
    Tree Trimming: Call Line Clearance 888-582-3213
    Disconnecting or Reconnecting Service: Call Customer Service 800-433-8500

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