Important information for non-profit organizations seeking foundation grants.

The AES Ohio Foundation’s grant process for 2024 is currently being updated. Further information will be provided when the application period for 2024 is open.

Electricity is a basic need like food, water and shelter. AES Ohio delivers electricity to the community to sustain life and moreover makes corporate investments and awards foundation grants to improve the quality of life.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with AES Ohio and the AES Ohio Foundation. Each year we receive hundreds of applications and proposals from worthy organizations. Unfortunately, we are only able to fund a portion of those received.

  • There is not an application for corporate contributions. AES Ohio corporate contributions are investments in strategic projects and programs selected by company leadership.

Please review the information below before you begin your grant application.

The application deadline for AES Ohio Foundation grants is always October 1. Grants are announced near the first of the year.

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Requests for funding will be reviewed using the following criteria:

  • Improving the quality of life for our community – is defined in many ways and each organization or event must describe how its efforts contribute to building prosperity and improving the quality of life in our communities which includes all residents, neighbors in need, businesses, and the environment. Grants are directed to local organizations for local needs, throughout the counties we serve.

  • Enhancing the sustainability of the organization – each time our foundation supports a non-profit organization or event, our goal is for the organization to be more sustainable regardless of any ongoing financial commitment. Applicants must address this issue.

  • Engaging AES Ohio people in partner organizations – many of our people volunteer for and support partner organizations. We encourage you to try to engage our people. AES Ohio tracks the number of our people serving on boards or who volunteer in other capacities.

Applicants must also demonstrate how they meet these additional requirements:

  • The organization must be an IRS-approved 501(c)3 or 509(a) (509(a) designation for corporate economic development grants only)

  • Alignment with one or more of our giving focus areas

  • Organization or program resides or benefits in AES Ohio's 24-county service area - please see map below

  • Program effectiveness, including demonstrated and anticipated outcomes and impacts

  • Program feasibility based on organization staff, collaborations and organization/program budget

  • Diversity and inclusivity of who is served by the program(s)