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    Infrastructure investments

    people - woman and man DP&L technicians Infrastructure investments
    From replacing poles to inspecting equipment to investing in our substations, AES Ohio is committed to strengthening our electrical system.


    Pole inspection and replacement

    AES Ohio inspects 42,500 poles every year. Between our pole replacement program and unplanned replacement due to storms and auto accidents, we replace 1,250 to 2,500 poles in a typical year. Once every 10 years, each of the company's 340,000 poles are inspected to determine if the pole is structurally sound or has been damaged by nature, auto accidents or severe weather

    Equipment inspections

    AES Ohio inspects the hardware and mechanical equipment above and below ground that delivers the power to our customers over a five-year cycle.


    Substations are critical components of the AES Ohio system that transmit and distribute power to customers across our service territory. AES Ohio has made several strategic investments across the Miami Valley in existing and new substations to improve service for our customers. New substations increase reliability and provide us with added flexibility when dealing with outages. Each of our 155 substations is inspected monthly to ensure reliable and safe operation.

    Outage center

    AES Ohio recognizes that even with the complex infrastructure we have in place to protect our system against outages, sometimes the power does go out. That’s why we have invested in tools to empower customers to report outages and stay informed. Visit AES Ohio's Outage Center for quick access to resources and information 24/7.


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