AES Ohio is proposing to construct the new Kiser substation interconnection project in Adams Township, Champaign County, Ohio.

The project will provide interconnection between a 144 MW solar facility and the existing East Sidney-Quincy 138kV transmission line. AES Ohio will construct a new substation, of approximately 1.7 acres, named Kiser substation, which will have a four-breaker ring bus configuration and will be tied in to the East Sidney-Quincy 138kV transmission line, location approximately 0.1 miles from the new substation. Fiber for communication will also be installed. The interconnection customer will construct its own substation and a 138kV transmission line that connects their substation to the proposed Kiser substation.

Frequently asked questions

The new Kiser 138kV substation will be constructed on a parcel provided by the interconnection customer that is located southwest of the Village of Quincy on Champaign Logan Road (County Road 3) between County Road 40 and State Route 235.


Estimated project schedule

June 2023
  • File Letter of Notification Application with Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB)
September 2023
  • OPSB approval

September 2023
  • Construction begins
March 2024
  • Project in-service

Indicates the current project stage

During construction, customers should not notice interruption of their electric service. If an outage is required for a short period, the affected customer(s) will be notified before the outage to limit the inconvenience.

Visit the OPSB website to view the application and for more information. The Case Number for the Kiser substation interconnection project is 23-0260-EL-BLN.

To contact AES Ohio about the project or request an electronic copy of the application, please leave a message at 937-331-4314 or email You will receive a response within 1-2 business days.