AES and LineVision complete largest deployment of Dynamic Line Ratings in U.S.

October 25, 2023

Recently, LineVision completed an installation of its patented non-contact sensors on transmission towers owned by AES in Indiana and Ohio as part of a joint project announced earlier this year to assess how Grid-Enhancing Technologies (GETs), like Dynamic Line Ratings (DLR), may increase transmission capacity on the power grid. AES will gather data through this demonstration project to evaluate how the transmission network can be optimized to safely maximize capacity and integrate renewable power generation.

This installation represents the largest single deployment of dynamic line ratings in the United States, with 42 LineVision LUX™ sensors installed. DLRs are calculated using real-time field measurements and conductor position to determine the maximum carrying capacity of the transmission line, enabling grid operators like AES to dynamically optimize power flow on the grid. With this project, AES will be able to extract more value from their existing assets, better serving their customers.

The United States is experiencing a rapidly shifting energy landscape. Estimates show that the electricity transmission system needs to expand by 60% by 2030 and triple by 2050 to meet our decarbonization goals. AES is preparing for this unprecedented growth by investing in innovative solutions, like LineVision’s DLR technology, to put more renewables onto the grid as fast as possible.

Unlike line-mounted sensors that risk crews' safety and require costly installations, LineVision’s sensor mounts securely to lattice towers and monopoles, removing the need for high-risk work or service interruptions, and can be installed in just 14 minutes. For customers like AES for which safety is a core value, this is critical because workers can install LineVision’s sensors without coming into contact with live wires.

The data that LineVision and AES will get from this project at the end of 2023 will help us understand our grid better and identify opportunities to enhance grid efficiency, reliability, and sustainability across the country.