"Bring Your Green Challenge" Winners Announced

October 13, 2016

"Bring Your Green Challenge" Winners Announced

  • Over 11.3 million pounds (5,100 tons) of CO2 release prevented
  • $534,000 saved in energy costs
  • $ 1,000,000 in enhanced rebates
  • Over 17,000 tons of waste diverted
  • Thousands of employees engaged!

Dayton, Ohio (October 13, 2016) - Dayton Regional Green, DP&L, and Vectren recognized local businesses and organizations from Montgomery and surrounding Counties for their environmental commitment and announced the winners of the year-long "Bring Your Green Challenge" as more than 100 buildings and offices competed to reduce their environmental impact and save energy and resources while engaging their employees.  

By deploying energy efficient, and sustainable practices, Bring Your Green participants realized collective savings of $534,000 from energy reduction, prevented the release of 5,100 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere (the equivalent of planting over 131,000 trees), and diverted over 17,000 tons of waste from landfills (the equivalent of filling the Dragons Stadium Field with a pile 370 feet tall of recyclables).

"As part of the County's commitment to a greener region, we wanted to encourage as many businesses and organizations to save resources and reduce our Greenhouse gas emissions," said Montgomery County Commission President Judy Dodge.  "We are absolutely thrilled with the results of this challenge."

"Dayton Power and Light is committed to helping Miami Valley businesses save energy and protect the environment," said Tom Raga, President and CEO. "We will continue offering Bring Your Green participants and the community energy efficiency rebates to assist adoption of energy-saving technologies like LED lighting and high efficiency HVAC equipment. DP&L looks forward to providing our experience and expertise so all customers can enjoy the rewards of being energy efficient."

"Vectren would like to commend all of our customers who are participating in the 'Bring Your Green Challenge' and for doing their part promoting energy efficiency and sustainability in our region," said Colleen Ryan, President, Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio. "We would also like to congratulate Dayton Regional Green action teams that have received Vectren Sustainability Grants as voted on by Bring Your Green participants."

Awards Recipients

Buildings Awards:  1st Place: $25,000 - Reed Elsevier, Lexis Nexis

         2nd Place: $15,000- Waibel Energy Systems

                                3rd Place: $10,000 - Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Pilarczyk Center


Tenants Awards:    $10,000 - Go Sustainable Energy


Innovation Awards: $10,000 - Dayton International Airport

                                 $10,000 - Miami Valley Hospital South


To learn more about the program, visit www.bringyourgreen.com or e-mail drg3@mcohio.org