Dayton Power and Light is Activating and Energizing Girls in Science

June 7, 2017

Girls from Dayton Regional STEM School, Edison Elementary School (Dayton Public Schools District), Graham Middle School (Graham Local Schools), Russia Local School (Russia Local School District) and Warner Middle School (Xenia Community Schools), will discover how much fun science can be by taking part in AEGIS 2017 (Activating and Energizing Girls in Science).

Studies show that girls and boys are equally interested in science and math in elementary school. But by middle school, stereotypes and lack of role models start turning girls off when it comes to science, engineering, and technical careers. Girls given the opportunity to learn and experiment get excited about pursuing careers in those fields.

AEGIS 2017 is a program sponsored by Dayton Power & Light and facilitated by the Ohio Energy Project (OEP) to allow girls to explore science and energy issues working as a team. Each of the five teams builds an energy bike, which generates electric energy to illuminate light bulbs by pedaling a stationary bike.

The 25 students in grades 7-9, and their teachers and chaperones, will spend three days, June 6-8, working on the energy bike project. They will also visit DP&L's operations headquarters and hear from women who work in science-related jobs at DP&L. Meals, lodging and educational materials will be provided free of charge.

After the project, the students may transport their completed energy bike back to their schools where, as leaders, they can use it to help other students, as well as members of their communities learn about energy.

DP&L's School Education Program, which includes AEGIS 2017, is facilitated by OEP throughout the school year. The school program is part of DP&L's ongoing energy efficiency efforts for customers, which also include rebates on new heat pumps and air conditioners, discounts on energy-efficient lighting, free refrigerator recycling and rebates for business customers. 

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