Successful Right Tree, Right Place program returns this fall for a second year

DP&L Awards Two $50,000 Environmental Grants to Beautify Area Cities

April 29, 2016

Dayton, Ohio - April 29, 2016 - The Dayton Power and Light Company (DP&L), a subsidiary of The AES Corporation (NYSE: AES), awarded two $50,000 grants to the communities of Centerville and Sidney as part of the Right Tree Right Place program to beautify city parks and public spaces for residents.

The Tree City USA communities of Centerville and Sidney each will receive a $50,000 grant to plant utility-friendly trees and enhance the landscape for their residents to enjoy for many years. Both communities applied for the environmental grants through DP&L's Right Tree, Right Place program, an effort to educate customers to plant trees a safe distance from power lines. DP&L is committed to protecting the environment for our residents, so we have partnered with local businesses and organizations to encourage smart and safe tree planting in the Miami Valley.

"Centerville is thrilled that DP&L selected us to be an Environmental Grant recipient," said Centerville City Manager Greg Horn. "We are receiving our 30th consecutive Tree City USA award this year and strive to maintain a healthy urban forest. Following DP&L's 'Right Tree, Right Place' guidelines, the grant funding will be used to remove 27 trees located under power lines and replace those with 27 utility-friendly trees plus plant approximately 80 more trees along various city thoroughfares."

"On behalf of the citizens of Sidney and the thousands who visit our community every year, I am truly grateful to DP&L for this generous grant," said Sidney Mayor Mike Barhorst. "Primarily as a result of the Emerald Ash Borer, we have had to remove more than 1,600 trees from our urban forest since 2008 - both street trees and park trees - some more than 100 years old. We still have several hundred more trees that we will need to remove in the next two years. DP&L's grant will enable us to begin planting replacement trees at a much faster pace than would otherwise be possible. Our community will benefit today and for years to come."

The environmental grants successfully complete the first year of Right Tree, Right Place, which kicked off last fall with the giveaway of 150 utility-friendly trees to DP&L customers through participating local nurseries. This spring, DP&L volunteers planted 100 cherry trees in two Dayton neighborhoods, in partnership with Operation 1000 Cherry Tree Project. Once both Centerville and Sidney complete their projects, DP&L will have donated more than 560 trees during the inaugural year of the Right Tree, Right Place program.

"DP&L is heartened by the enthusiastic response towards our environmentally essential Right Tree, Right Place program. Going forward, this program enables DP&L to gift the Miami Valley with utility-friendly trees in the fall; beautiful, blooming cherry trees in the spring and more attractive, usable public spaces year-round for entire communities," said President and CEO of DP&L Tom Raga. "Through smart planning and cooperation, Right Tree, Right Place demonstrates how we can all enjoy the beauty of nature without compromising the safe and reliable electricity we depend on to power our daily lives."

Right Tree, Right Place returns this fall. Visit our website for upcoming tree giveaway opportunities and other programs to enhance the communities we serve.