DPL Inc. announces the retirement of the J.M. Stuart and Killen Station power plants

May 31, 2018

DAYTON, OH - May 31, 2018 - Today, DPL Inc. ("DPL"), an AES company (NYSE: AES), announced that the J.M. Stuart and Killen Stations have been retired as planned, in response to declining market conditions. J.M. Stuart Station is a 1,755 megawatt facility co-owned by DPL's subsidiary, AES Ohio Generation, LLC (AES Ohio Gen), Vistra Energy and American Electric Power (AEP) with coal-fired and diesel-fired generating units. Killen Station is a 618 megawatt facility co-owned by AES Ohio Gen and Vistra Energy with a coal-fired generating unit and combustion turbine. Both power plants are located in Adams County, Ohio.

"Collectively for more than 40 years, the J.M. Stuart and Killen Stations have provided safe, reliable power and have been an integral part of Adams County's economy and a partner in the community," said Craig Jackson, President and Chief Executive Officer of DPL Inc. "We are incredibly proud of the men and women at the plants and thank them for their dedicated service."

DPL recognizes the extent of the impact the decision to retire J. M. Stuart and Killen Stations has on our people and the communities in which they live. We are proactively managing workforce transitions, including opportunities to be redeployed within AES' portfolio, as well as financial support for workforce development and job retraining efforts in Adams County.