Earth-friendly initiatives continue Plastipak's efforts to improve the environment

Plastipak Earns $1 Million in Energy Efficiency Rebates from DP&L

February 5, 2016

Dayton, Ohio - February 5, 2016 - The Dayton Power and Light Company (DP&L), a subsidiary of The AES Corporation (NYSE: AES), is recognizing Plastipak Packaging Inc. (Plastipak) for earning $1 million in rebates through energy-saving measures that are improving the environment. The efforts are part of a broader corporate energy efficiency initiative being pursued at Plastipak's sites globally. 

"Plastipak is committed to shrinking the company's environmental footprint through a series of earth- friendly initiatives that continue to grow through the creativity of Plastipak associates," said William C. Young, President Plastipak Packaging Inc. 

Supported by DP&L's Energy Efficiency team, Plastipak's Jackson Center packaging plant in Ohio has significantly increased the energy efficiency of its heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), compressed air system, and motors and drives. Plastipak becomes only the second DP&L customer to achieve $1 million in total energy efficiency rebates.

Two of the larger projects equate to significant energy savings with the installation of a new chiller and cooling tower. Switching from an air to a water cooled chiller allows Plastipak to save more than three million kilowatt hours per year and installing a 500-ton cooling tower will save more than four million kilowatt hours annually. Plastipak received nearly $600,000 in rebates just for these two projects.

As a result of all the improvements plant-wide, Plastipak's Jackson Center site will realize a total of 18,101,109 kilowatt hours per year in energy savings. 

"Plastipak is taking the necessary steps across their facility making energy efficiency and the environment a priority and today, we celebrate the realization of those efforts," said Tom Raga, DP&L President and CEO. "When Plastipak's business leaders alongside their associates implement creative solutions for their energy costs we all save. DP&L is proud to partner with Plastipak's management team and recognize the achievement of $1 million in total energy efficient rebates."

Specific Programs and Energy Savings: 

  • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning - 7,404,995 kWh ($600,000 rebates)
  • Compressed Air - 2,127,087 kWh ($106,000 rebates)
  • Motors and Drives - 3,198,011 kWh ($68,000 rebates)
  • Lighting - 2,879,775 kWh ($83,000 rebates)
  • Other programs - 2,491,241 kWh ($143,000 rebates)

DP&L's ongoing Energy Efficiency efforts help businesses save money through rebates for reducing energy costs by installing higher energy efficiency equipment, lighting and for designing and constructing buildings that are more energy efficient than standard codes. 

For more information about DP&L's energy efficiency programs for businesses, visit our website.