We can help you use your portable generator simply and safely.

We know how important electricity is to you. And we want to make it easy for you to power critical appliances such as your furnace, heat pump and refrigerator if you lose power. That’s why AES Ohio is working with GenerLink™ to make its generator set-up available to our residential customers so you can easily use your generator if the power goes out.


Safely connect without rewiring

GenerLink is a small device that can be attached to your electric meter to make connecting a portable generator easy and safe, and it allows you to use your portable generator to operate critical appliances in your home.

Some methods of connecting your portable generator to your home can present a safety hazard to your family and to the AES Ohio workers trying to restore your power. GenerLink gets rid of the hassles and dangers of running multiple extension cords, as well as the potentially significant cost of hiring an electrician to install a transfer switch.

You will not be charged by AES Ohio for the power used when your generator is running your house. And when the power is restored, the GenerLink device will switch back to AES Ohio-supplied power once you turn off and disconnect your generator.

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  • Your home or small business must have a single phase service of 200 amps or less (this is what is standard in homes). The product is not available for higher usage customers, such as large businesses.
  • You must have a modern electric meter installed at your home. See images of meters that aren't eligible. If your meter is not eligible, you can pay an electrician to update your meter installation.


How to get a GenerLink connection

  • Purchase your device from GenerLink.
    • You will need to purchase a generator separately; the GenerLink product does not include a generator. Check with GenerLink to ensure your generator is compatible with the device. AES Ohio does not sell the GenerLink device.
    • GenerLink offers different cord lengths. Make sure you select a cord long enough to operate your generator at a safe distance from your home.
  • Sign the AES Ohio installation agreement and return it to us with $100 to pay for the installation. Your check should be made payable to The AES Ohio (For safety reasons, AES Ohio must install the GenerLink device.)
  • GenerLink will ship your device to us along with your contact information, and we will call you to set up an installation time.
  • Installation
    • To make sure your device is safely installed, an AES Ohio representative will come to your home to make the connection. Installation can be done in a matter of minutes.
    • An adult must be present for the installation.
    • A brief power disruption will be necessary to complete the installation.