Renewable energy

As we look to address climate change and reduce carbon emissions, the smart grid is serving as a foundation for integrating clean energy technologies, including solar, batteries, wind, and more.  Smart grid systems are needed to strategically manage diverse and geographically scattered renewable energy sources, ensuring that this energy can be stored safely and distributed where and when it is needed.

A more efficient electrical system

Making the grid smarter will result in a grid that is more efficient. It will allow us to better control the voltage of the system at the optimal level, which will allow your appliances to work more efficiently and save you money.  Smart grid will also allow the overall system to be more efficient, which is good for everyone.  It all has to do with power quality, voltage, and power factor.  If you’d like to dig in further, here’s more information from the Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative.

New technologies

Smart thermostats and electric vehicles are two examples of new smart technologies that help us all promote a greener future. Today, smart thermostats can save you energy and money by helping better control your heating and cooling. Don’t have one yet? Check out our smart thermostat rebates on the AES Ohio Marketplace. Likewise, electric vehicles promote a greener future. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, they produce half the emissions per mile than similar vehicles. In the coming years, a smarter grid will help us better manage this new electrical demand, which is good for all of our customers. AES Ohio is actively promoting the move to electric vehicles with charger rebates for our business and government customers.

Learn more

Interested in learning more about how AES is driving the change to a greener future beyond West Central Ohio? We’re the world’s leader in battery-based energy storage, the fifth largest solar developer in the world and we’ve announced our intent to exit coal generation by the end of 2025.