We are currently not accepting applications for DCF Chargers

Please note that all available funds for the Direct Current Fast (DCF) Charger rebates have been reserved for projects. As a result, AES Ohio is not currently accepting new applications for DCF Charger rebates. It is possible that funds could become available in the future. If you would like to be contacted if funds for DCF Charger rebates become available, please email our EV team. There continues to be available funding for Level 2 chargers.

Level 2 and Direct Current Fast (DCF) Chargers application process

Step 1: Confirm Eligibility

  • Must be an AES Ohio customer.
  • Equipment must be installed at location served by AES Ohio.
  • Please see Terms and Conditions for specific equipment requirements and rules.
  • Total incentive limit of $357,000 per customer, which applies to all affiliates and subsidiaries of the customer.
  • Host of the EVSE will maintain the equipment for four (4) full years following installation, including data access and maintaining the EVSE in an operational state. A pre-paid maintenance and data contract is recommended.


Step 2: Complete Pre-Approval Application

  • Complete the application below with estimated costs and appropriate narrative.  All fields are required.
  • Read Terms and Conditions
  • Sign the application
  • Submit the application to our EV team. Applications will only be accepted electronically.


Step 3: Initial Approval

  • AES Ohio will notify customer and contractor via email if the project is approved for a potential rebate and reservation of rebate funds. This conditional approval means that the project, as described, qualifies.
  • Funds will be available on a first-come, first-served basis as projects are applied for, completed and approved for payment.


Step 4: Install Project

  • As a part of the installation process, you may need to work with AES Ohio to expand your utility service or establish a new service.
  • If you are installing your chargers “behind the meter,” AES Ohio will need to confirm that there is sufficient capacity.
  • If you are establishing a new AES Ohio electric service, you will need to work with AES Ohio engineering to have the new utility facilities installed.


Step 5: Submit Final Documentation*

  • Complete the application again checking “Final Application” in the signature area of the application 
  • Provide itemized invoices for all costs and any grants received (if applicable).
  • Submit to our EV team.


Step 6: Final Approval & Rebate Payment

  • Final documentation is reviewed to confirm all qualifications are met.
  • A post-installation inspection may be conducted to confirm installation and that all qualifications are met.
  • Upon final approval, rebate will be mailed to the address provided on the application.


*AES Ohio must receive the following documentation in order to issue an incentive for each eligible project: (a) Customer’s AES Ohio account number; (b) Customer’s contact information including valid email address; (c) equipment serial numbers; (d) equipment specifications or technical data; (e) itemized invoices with sufficient detail for AES Ohio to validate the project (i) Customer’s date of equipment purchase, (ii) type and quantity of equipment purchased, (iii) itemized installation costs, and (v) any equipment discounts Customer received; (f) a valid W-9 for Customer; and (g) a post-installation inspection report, if applicable.

To ensure that you successfully complete the application:

Please download the application to your computer prior to filling it out. If you attempt to complete the form within your browser, your information may not be saved correctly and the processing of your application will be delayed.