The Jeffersonville area improvements project is part of the upgrades to the electric system in this area needed to ensure continued reliable operations for new and existing customers while providing capacity to large load growth taking place in this developing area near Jeffersonville, Ohio. The improvement project involves building approximately 13 miles of new transmission lines, two new transmission substations and relocating an existing distribution substation.

Why is this project needed?

Currently, the area around Jeffersonville is served by a radial 69kV circuit which serves approximately 30MVA of load. A new industrial customer has committed to the installation of a $4 billion dollar battery manufacturing facility requiring AES Ohio to serve an estimated additional 140MVA of new load by August of 2024. The existing radial line and the underlying source in the area do not have the ability to serve this new load. Additionally, best utility practice for a load of this magnitude is to serve via a looped feed, have multiple voltages available in near proximity to ensure redundancy capacity, and improve reliability in the growing load center.

The new double circuit Madison-Fayette 345kV line will provide a looped feed with a strong new source into the Jeffersonville area. Additionally, bringing in 345kV and transforming it near the load center will provide flexibility for the area to continue to grow around the new battery manufacturing facility as anticipated in the future.

Jeffersonville area improvements overview

Where can I get more information?

Visit the Ohio Power Siting Board website and search for Case #23-0066-EL-BLN.

Contact information for the OPSB:

Ohio Power Siting Board
180 East Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio
Tel: (866) 270-6772

To contact AES Ohio about the project or request an electronic copy or hard copy of the application, please leave a message at 937-701-0674 or email