PUCO approves AES Ohio distribution rate case

Today, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) issued its order regarding the AES Ohio distribution rate case for long-term reliability investments made across the 24-county service territory. AES Ohio is a subsidiary of The AES Corporation (NYSE: AES).

Under the order, AES Ohio is approved to recover the Company’s investments in its network to ensure reliability for customers. The PUCO authorized an annual revenue increase of $75.6 million, which will take effect once its pending Electric Security Plan (ESP) is approved, expected in mid-2023. In the interim period there will be no impact to customer rates.

Even with the approved increase, AES Ohio’s transmission and distribution rates will remain the lowest in Ohio among investor-owned utilities.

“Investments in our network are essential to serve our customers reliably, and the PUCO order recognizes the Company’s need to recover those investments,” said Kristina Lund, AES Ohio president and CEO. “AES Ohio continues to anticipate that its pending ESP, coupled with these approved rates, will promote a stable utility and ongoing safe, reliable and affordable service for our customers.”

AES Ohio’s investments in its distribution infrastructure were designed to ensure reliability, support growth, and rebuild areas of our service territory damaged by the devastating Memorial Day tornadoes in 2019. These improvements along with an enhanced tree trimming program are expected to reduce the frequency and length of customer outages.

Commitment to our community

AES Ohio and the AES Ohio Foundation continue their longstanding dedication to community investment. The community investments help our most vulnerable customers, invest in workforce development and support economic growth in the region. AES Ohio, along with its partners, support projects and programs that provide long-term improvements and benefits that enrich our communities.

Announced in October, the Honda and LG Energy Solution Joint Venture battery cell plant will be located in the AES Ohio service territory. The new infrastructure will maintain reliable service to existing customers and serve the new plant creating an electric vehicle hub in West Central Ohio, which will benefit the nation.


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About AES Ohio

AES Ohio is the principal subsidiary of DPL Inc. (DPL), a regional energy provider and an AES company. AES Ohio, a regulated electric utility, provides service to over 527,000 customers in West Central Ohio. During its long history, AES Ohio has served its customers with the lowest transmission and distribution rates in Ohio among investor-owned utilities. Connect with AES Ohio on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Learn more about how AES Ohio is accelerating the future of energy, visit aes-ohio.com.