AES Ohio is undertaking a four-year program to install 495,000 smart meters to our customers.

We began this effort in December of 2021 and we plan to be finished in June of 2025. Smart meters will bring a smarter future for all of us.  Some of the benefits you’ll see in the coming years:

  • Strengthened reliability: Smart meters automatically tell us if the power is out at your home. And that helps us restore power faster.
  • Better communication: Since your smart meter communicates to us, it will help us communicate with you through services like outage alerts and estimated restoration times.
  • More information, more control:  Smart meters record your usage every 15 minutes. That can help you track your usage during the month and know where you stand with tools like high usage alerts.  It will also reduce estimated bills.
  • Convenient service: Smart meters allow us to remotely start and stop your service, which comes in handy when you’re moving.

The Smart Grid plan is a multiyear project to accelerate the future of energy, together.

This map represents AES Ohio's preliminary schedule for installing smart meters throughout our service area.