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    Electric Security Plan

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    AES Ohio’s Electric Security Plan

    AES Ohio continues to focus on providing safe, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions, while balancing the need to keep energy costs reasonable. The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) approved the company’s Electric Security Plan (ESP) settlement, a three-year comprehensive plan to invest and upgrade its network, strengthen service reliability, provide greater safeguards for price stability and continue investments in local economic development.


    ESP customer benefits

    The ESP is a major step to execute on our strategic plan to strengthen our network, ensuring that critical investments are made to benefit customers today and in the future. Customer benefits of the ESP include:

    • Increase educational outreach of utility assistance and low-income energy efficiency programs, prioritizing communities with a high percentage of disconnections. Translation needs will be addressed.  
    • Over the three-year term of the ESP, AES Ohio will contribute $150,000 of shareholder funds to the Gift of Power program for emergency relief to customers facing disconnection due to financial hardship.  
    • Elimination of the $25 Reconnection of Meter charge for customers with smart meters.   
    • New and enhanced customer programs such as weatherization assistance, electric vehicles (EVs) and customer education.   


    How will this impact my bill?

    In December 2022, the PUCO issued an order in AES Ohio’s distribution rate case which sought approval to recover long-term investments in the reliability of its system. The order authorized an increase to take effect following approval of the AES Ohio Electric Security Plan. A residential customer using 1,000 kWh a month will see a $2.71 decrease from the ESP settlement, which will offset the distribution rate increase of $8.04 for a net increase of $5.33. This reflects a 3.4% increase for customers on AES Ohio's Standard Service Offer (SSO). Both the new ESP settlement and distribution rates will go into effect the first billing cycle in September 2023.

    AES Ohio


    • AES Ohio has the lowest rates among the investor-owned utilities in the state.
    • AES Ohio makes significant investments in the Miami Valley. We do not pass on the cost of our community investments or advertising to customers.
    • AES Ohio is committed to accelerating the future of energy for our customers while ensuring we meet the needs of reliability, affordability and sustainability.

    FAQs about the Electric Security Plan

    Is AES Ohio going to expand assistance programs or payment plan options to help customers who struggle with affordability issues?

    AES Ohio understands increasing bills can be a financial challenge for our customers. We expanded assistance program information and developed a one-stop-shop resource page on our website to include state and federal payment assistance options, applications, and FAQs. For more information, visit

    I’ve had an increasing number of outages – how will the electric security plan help my service?

    In addition to weather, trees and vegetation are the #1 cause of outages. Approximately 30% of outages in AES Ohio’s service territory are caused by tree and vegetation issues. These outages are often lengthy and take more time to fix. Removing the overhang of branches is the first step to improve reliability. We are trying to prevent tree and branch failures by proactively trimming trees on a data-driven cycle. Vegetation is the only asset that is constantly changing. Trees continuously grow while our poles and lines don’t move.

    Does this rate increase include customers paying for AES Ohio’s charitable contributions?

    No. AES Ohio invests $2.4 million annually in charitable contributions in the Miami Valley, funded by AES Ohio shareholder dollars. AES Ohio does not pass on the cost of its community investments or advertising to customers.

    What other noticeable benefits will positively impact the service I receive from AES Ohio?

    Beyond the various requirements of the ESP, we are currently in year three of a four-year Smart Grid plan to modernize the energy grid, providing you with smarter, more efficient and more reliable seamless service. AES Ohio is implementing new and innovative programs to help customers save money while meeting their ever-changing energy needs driven by new smart technologies. Read more about Smart Grid and how it will improve your experience with us at


    Read the ESP fact sheet

    Through the AES Ohio Electric Security Plan, we are making meaningful changes and improvements that will provide significant benefits to our customers. Everything you need to know is in the Electric Security Plan fact sheet.

    Review the ESP

    A copy of the filed settlement is available at

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