$5.1 million available rebates for qualifying projects

AES Ohio is building a smarter, green energy future with electric vehicle charger rebates

February 17, 2022

AES Ohio, a subsidiary of The AES Corporation (NYSE: AES), is driving a smarter and greener future by offering our government and business customers rebates for installing electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment.

“Our region has a great track record of automotive innovation,” said Zac Elliot, AES US Utilities Portfolio Lead, Electrification. “Now, our EV charger rebates can help deliver the power needed for the next generation of transportation. It’s all part of transforming to a smarter and greener energy future. We look forward to working with our local partners and stakeholders to make this happen.”

EVs offer drivers the opportunity to save money on fuel and maintenance costs, reduce their environmental impact and contribute to the energy independence of the US by using a domestically produced source of energy.

According to the US Department of Energy:

  • Driving on electricity emits approximately half the emissions per mile than similar conventional vehicles.
  • Ohio EV drivers spend the equivalent of less than $1.10 per gallon.

AES Ohio has $5.1 million available for electric vehicle charging rebates, paid on a first-come first-serve basis for qualifying projects.  Eligible chargers include Level 2 and DC Fast Chargers. Level 2 Chargers can be installed at workplaces, apartment complexes or in areas available to the public. DC Fast Chargers must be installed in areas available to the public. All chargers must have the ability to record and send data to AES Ohio so we can better understand and serve our customers in the future.

For complete details and how to apply, including terms and conditions visit aes-ohio.com/evse-rebate-program or email evcharger@aes.com.


About AES Ohio

AES Ohio is the principal subsidiary of DPL Inc. (DPL), a regional energy provider and an AES company. AES Ohio, a regulated electric utility, provides service to over 527,000 customers in West Central Ohio. During its long history, AES Ohio has served its customers with the lowest rates in Ohio among investor-owned utilities. Connect with AES Ohio on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Learn more about how AES Ohio is accelerating the future of energy, visit aes-ohio.com/hellofuture.