Is tree trimming scheduled in your area? Learn more about AES Ohio's line clearance process.

Trees are an important part of the environment that beautify our neighborhoods and communities. Trees too close to power lines can become a hazard and contribute to outages.

Removing potentially dangerous tree limbs helps us improve the safety and reliability of our service and is mandated by Ohio and Federal law.

AES Ohio contracts line clearance work to professional tree-trimming companies. All line clearance work should be done in accordance with the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), International Society of Arboriculture's recommended standards, ANSI A300 (Part 1) and OSHA if the standard clearance have been met. Our goal is to keep trees alive and healthy as well as to ensure reliable power to your home.

How it works:

If tree trimming is planned in your area, here's what to expect:

  • Phone call: Once AES Ohio has planned work in your area, you will receive an automated phone call informing you of the work. This call is typically placed between 1-2 weeks before work begins on the circuit.
  • Door-to-door: 2-4 weeks before crews begin work in your neighborhood, a planner will make door-to-door visits with residents to inform them of the planned work. If you are not home, the planner will leave a door hanger including direct contact information.
  • During trimming: The crew working on/near your property will knock on your door before work begins. If you are not home, the crew will enter unlocked fences or gates; AES Ohio must be allowed access to our equipment.
    • As part of our routine maintenance, crews will trim trees located a minimum of 10 feet from power lines, and will also clear any vegetation near AES Ohio equipment. This includes low plants like flowers and bushes near poles. Learn more about planting near AES Ohio equipment
    • Our line clearance crews will not trim trees or branches near your service line — the wire(s) that run from the pole to your home or business. It is the responsibility of the property owner to keep the service line clear. Learn more
  • Clean up: Our tree trimming contractors will chip debris created by our normal trimming activity (less than 4 inches in diameter), but leave the logs (greater than 4 inches in diameter) placed at the base of the tree from which they came. These logs are cut to handling length and left for the property owner's use.
  • After trimming: Sometimes trimming work can be a shock for homeowners after work is complete. Mature trees near lines may require a lot of trimming to ensure they will not impact our equipment and your electric service. While AES Ohio recognizes that these cuts may not always be aesthetically appealing, our pruning standards ensure a safe clearance for reliability while maximizing the crown of the tree.

Scheduled line clearance work is very dependent on weather, storm restoration, and other factors beyond AES Ohio’s control. We do our best to communicate anticipated timelines with our customers, but we appreciate your understanding if delays occur.